I'm Cindy

I help active, wellness minded people, transform their homes to mirror the value of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Professional Interior Designer

I’m Cindy and I have a dream.

What if you could walk into your home and instantly feel connected to it, welcomed, comforted and energized by it?

What if you also immediately felt connected to its surroundings, nature, the other life in the room, be it your other humans, your animal friends or plants?  

What if you knew that your home was the healthiest environment that you could live in, because it’s yours and you intentionally made it that way?

I dream of a world where this is exactly how we live.

Each and every one of us.

A world where we are connected to our homes - they protect us, nourish us, and inspire us to be and feel better.

Over 25 years into my career path and three years into this business I find myself wondering, “What is the best way to inspire and educate my clients?” The answer of course, is to just be me.

And you be you.

And together, we can create a home designed just for you.

In 2020, things changed, we had a collective shift in how we interacted with one another – interiors have been closely scrutinized. Business dealings became more remote than ever. Families were tossed together in a way previously unheard of by many of us. Our homes are being used as schools and offices. Within our immediate families, we are on top of each other, but in many other cases, fully isolated. 

There is much I don’t know and much more yet to learn. What I continue to know about interior design and health is this:

  • Where and how we live and what we surround ourselves with effects our physical, mental and emotional health.

  • A healthy home is clean, dry, pest free and contaminant free.

  • It is safe.

  • It is well-ventilated and well-maintained.

  • It is absolutely essential for our well-being that we strive to create and maintain a healthy home

  • Good designs are energy efficient, flexible, adaptable, ergonomic, beautiful and comfortable. 

  • Nature heals.

  • It is just as important to let life, light and fresh air in, to work with the body’s natural rhythms to attain the rest and relaxation it needs, and to create a home or work environment that is conducive to the lifestyle of the person that uses it.

I hope you’ll join me in finding new ways to create healthier homes, ways that don’t cost a fortune but instead allow for the possibility of joy, true connection and well-being.

That’s a future I want us to create together.

Surround yourself with love.

One of my first loves – nature