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Cindy grew up on the seacoast of NH, swimming the ocean and climbing the mountains. Her love of nature led her young self to seek a career that helped the environment. This culminated in a first career as a Civil/Environmental Engineer.

Cindy went into interior design after becoming disenchanted with the engineering world she found herself in. The world of permitting projects that were tearing up the environment, creating vast amounts of waste, and serving only a small portion of society. She was fighting a fight she not only didn’t believe in, it actually was in direct opposition to her values and the way she wanted to live her life. With stress levels through the roof and far too young to be burnt out, Cindy decided on a fresh start and enrolled in a Masters of Interior Design program at the Boston Architectural College. Shortly after, she quit her engineering job and went to work for an Interior Designer.

Interior design offered Cindy the chance to explore her creative side, embrace change, question the rules of physics, respect nature, and feed her love of learning. After spending about 10 years working for and learning from various other interior designers and architects, Cindy decided to launch Balanced Interiors, a firm focused on interior design for health and wellness.

Being both an engineer and an interior designer is what makes Cindy unique. Having a math and science background, spatial awareness and a natural curiosity gives strength to her creativity and problem solving capability. On the flip side, Cindy’s appreciation for beauty and love of learning and life shines through in her projects.

When posed the question “why did you decide on the wellness niche?” Cindy’s first answer is commonly “because my mom got sick”, but that’s only part of the reason. About the same time Cindy embarked on her Interior Design career, her mom fell ill. While Cindy was on a tour of New Zealand, her mom found herself with a cough she couldn’t shake. Three weeks later, Cindy came home and her mom was in the hospital, an x-ray of her lungs showed up as “ground glass”.  It seems she was exposed to “something” that reacted with her lungs and made them close up.

Cindy’s mom was officially diagnosed with “interstitial lung disease” ,  a wholly inadequate term that led to more questions than it answered. Everything was analyzed for cause and effect, toxic materials, air pollutants, water pollutants, food allergies, at first to figure out if she could stop and potentially reverse the progression of her disease and later to slow it down…still later to simply make her as comfortable as possible when she became home bound.

And in this quest for answers, a bigger picture became clear for Cindy, designing for health is essential, and there are numerous ways that our surroundings impact health. It is imperative that we eliminate the toxins in an interior environment, and it is just as important to let life, light and fresh air in, to work with the body’s natural rhythms to attain the rest and relaxation it needs, and to create a home or work environment that is conducive to the lifestyle of the person that uses it.

The mission of Balanced Interiors is to make a positive difference in the lives of others through the impact of design.

Outside of business, Cindy enjoys the adventure of travel and exploring the outdoors. As luck and timing would have it, Cindy was able to explore parts of the US, Canada, Europe and New Zealand which feeds her natural curiosity about the differences and similarities in various cultures of the world, and the natural and built environment. 

Cindy lives and plays in the Lakes Region of NH and continues to find enjoyment in being active in and about the waters and mountains of NH and beyond.



Meredith, NH

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