Why Health-enhancing Interior Design?

The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about interior design and health. It’s interesting, these things we deem as twists of fate. For many, 2008 was a turning point due to the market crash. Personally, 2008 marks the year I became completely disenchanted with my first career choice as a civil engineer. I yearned to do something more - more personal… more meaningful… more fun. A shift to interior design seemed to fit perfectly with my interests, skillset and experience so I set

15 aspects of health-enhancing interior design

Research shows that Americans spend 90% of our time indoors. The National Center for Healthy Homes lists 7 principles for a healthy home. A healthy home is dry, clean, safe, pest-free, contaminant-free, well-ventilated and well-maintained...but there’s more. Health-enhancing designs are also energy efficient, flexible, adaptable, ergonomic, beautiful and comfortable. And perhaps the most important aspect of a healthy home? That it reflects the lifestyle of those that inhabit