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Is it really 90% ?

Research shows that Americans spend nearly 90% of our time indoors. I tell myself that can’t be true for me, I’d much rather be outside, my average must be way lower than that! Guess what, it’s not. I tracked it.

I kept track for a week (in the NH winter) when the windows were not opened to let the fresh air in without a serious cold shiver running up and down my spine – this is the time when my interior environment would impact me the most.

On a weekday- out of 24 hours, my average was 23 hours 40 minutes indoors. I live 10 minutes from my office by car, so my outside time during the week is basically relegated to the walking down the block to my car from my apartment – a 5-minute walk, 4 times a day. That’s 20 minutes. I sleep inside, eat inside, I even do my daily exercise inside. 20 minutes outdoors seems ridiculous to me. That’s 98.6% of my time spent indoors for 5 days out of the week.

Weekends are a little different – I bundle up and go out – and of the 48 hours of my two day weekend – I spend about 8-10 hours per day outdoors. That’s about 67% indoors for those two days of the week. So,

98.6(5) + 67(2) / 7 = 89.5% indoors on average… Interesting.

And here’s why it matters….

Your interior environment effects your health in so many ways. Stress, unhealthy diets, lifestyle choices and environmental pollutants negatively impact all of your bodily functions and systems and can lead to chronic illness and a lower quality of life.

Research also shows that the areas in the home that impact your health the most are the kitchen, the bedroom, and lighting. A few ways to positively impact your health through interior design:

1. Mitigate stress by enhancing comfort and relaxation

2. Reduce or eliminate exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals

3. Prevent and eliminate mold

4. Create an atmosphere that enhances sleep quality

5. Support and improve nutrition and fitness. Encourage and enhance the opportunity for safe physical activity and promote an active lifestyle.

6. Universal and ergonomic design strategies support the health of your skeletal, muscular and reproductive systems.

Schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your home and how it can be transformed to enhance your health.

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