Working with Me

Health Enhancing Interior Design

I specialize in health-enhancing interior design. I help active, wellness-minded people, transform their homes and businesses to mirror the value of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

The mission of Balanced Interiors, LLC is to make a positive difference in the lives of others through the impact of design.

Unquestionable standards:

  1. Health first, design for positive physical, mental and emotional health.

  2. Nature inspired.  Natural elements are used to enliven a space and bring synergy and balance.

  3. Appreciation of Beauty

  4. Vitality – design with intelligence, intention and inspiration for life

Working Together


The first step in Balanced Interiors design process is to assess the situation. A look at your space, your needs and your desires and any problems you are experiencing is a key step in every project, large and small.

Space Planning


Whether you want a well thought out, practical solution to optimize the space you have or are in need of creating more space for your lifestyle, Balanced Interiors is here to create a plan that fits your needs.



Once the plan is set and a contractor is chosen, Balanced Interiors can continue to work with the team as a consultant to answer any design questions that may arise. This helps minimize the stress of a design project.


The Final Touch

Furnish and Accessorize - no project is complete without the final touch. Balanced Interiors works with you to ensure that furniture and finishing touches are exactly what you're looking for.