Satisfied Clients


Cindy is a relentless problem solver and dedicated to doing things the right way. She put the work in to get it done right!   I especially appreciate that she didn't run away from problems, but faced them head on and took the initiative to solve them with the team.  She was attentive, determined, positive, creative and a lot of fun to work with! 

~ Lauri Martignetti
Founder, Team Empower

Lauri Martignetti


Cynthia always showed an enthusiastic and comprehensive approach to all aspects of our projects. She listened to the many stakeholders involved and then designed with creativity and common sense. Her innate capacity for problem solving was key to the development and construction of these projects. 

~Doug Waybright
President of the Nelson Companies, LTD
Vice President of the Downtown Waltham Partnership

Doug Waybright


Cindy exhibited comprehensive attention to detail in regard to big-picture thinking.  She paid close attention to how one facet of a project influenced the whole and was able to forensically scrutinize the effect every choice made on the end result.

Cindy ‘gets’ the fact that the success of any project is the sum of all its moving parts. She employed creative problem-solving strategies, faced with must-have changes.

Above all, Cindy was able to finesse the decision-making so that compromise could be reached with design/vision, functionality, and execution all given equal credence.

~Susie McCann

Suzi McCann


I am very comfortable handing Cindy a multi-faceted objective knowing that she will be able to see the big picture outcome and can organize the tasks and people, communicate the vision and make sure people are accountable. 

Cindy has a peaceful way that gets people wanting to follow and a confidence that keeps them listening and following.

Bill Doyle

President, Doyle Engineering

Bill Doyle


I have been fortunate to work with Cynthia on several architectural projects. She is a thoughtful designer coupled with a strong interest in understanding her client’s needs. This results in projects that are practical and appropriate and beautiful.

Bob Livermore, Architect
Livermore Edwards Associates


I hired Cindy to help me organize my house. I had furniture from 2 houses that I needed to pick and choose from to furnish one house. She cataloged the furnishings, lighting, floor coverings.... Gave me a shopping list and hired movers and arranged for donations to be picked up. On the day of the move I had to be out of town for a family emergency. Cindy handled everything. I returned to absolute perfect. Cindy moved things to places I never would have thought logical. The house now looks warm and the furniture looks intended. She did an amazing job. Cindy is easy to communicate with, has a lovely and kind and relatable way and her price was lower than I had thought it would be. The price was absolutely lower than buying new furnishings. Some of the things she moved around looked in fact like they were intended for their new placement. I am thrilled with the outcome!

Wendy M. Traynor
Traynor Management, Inc.
Clover & Friends Group, Inc.